Our organization evolves.

June 3, 2015 : the French State has announced a series of guidelines to renew the French nuclear industry

AREVA will work with EDF on the roadmap, notably on the terms of an agreement for a global strategic partnership and the conditions for EDF to take a majority stake in the capital of AREVA NP.


November 15, 2016 : EDF and AREVA sign binding agreements for the sale of AREVA NP’s activities

The contract is setting the terms of the sale of an interest conferring exclusive control by EDF of an entity (“NEW NP”), a 100% subsidiary of AREVA NP. This subsidiary will combine AREVA Group’s activities relating to design and equipment manufacturing of nuclear reactor and, fuel design and assemblies manufacturing and services to the nuclear installed base.


May 17, 2017 : creation of the company EDVANCE, a significant milestone in the reconstruction of the nuclear industry

The EDF Group’s Board of Directors has approved the creation of the company EDVANCE which brings together EDF and AREVA NP engineers for the construction of nuclear islands.

This decision follows the approval of the project by the AREVA SA Board of Directors end of April.

EDVANCE is in charge of the basic design and implementation (studies, procurement support, assembly and commissioning) for projects involving nuclear islands for new reactors being built, both in France and around the world. As far as the operational and safety Instrumentation & Control (I&C) is concerned, EDVANCE will be the architect-engineer i.e. it will specify the operational and safety I&C.

EDF owns 80% of the company’s capital, while AREVA NP owns 20%.


May 29, 2017 : the European Commission has approved EDF's proposed takeover of New NP

The European Commission has approved EDF's proposed takeover of New NP under the European Union Merger Regulation. The Commission has concluded that the transaction would not raise competition concerns.

The sale of AREVA NP’s activities to EDF is still scheduled by the end of 2017 and remains subject to two conditions:

  • obtaining favourable conclusions from the ASN regarding the outcome of the tests on the primary circuit of the Flamanville 3 reactor;
  • completion and satisfactory conclusions of the quality audits at the Creusot, Saint-Marcel and Jeumont plants.

Evolution of the company’s structure

Target structure at the end of the transaction (12/2017)